Big prayer wheel

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Prayer wheel. It is a cylindrical wheel mounted on a shaft made ​​of metal and wood. On the outer surface the mantra "om mani padme hum" is written in Sanskrit. According to Tibetan Buddhist tradition, spinning the wheel has the same meritorious effect as reciting prayers. It is mounted in a mosaic structure coated with the eight auspicious symbols, astha-mangala

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Weight (Kg) 2.000
Measures 330 mm width x 360 mm high.
Cleaning Wipe with damp clothe.
Note Está usada y tiene algunas abolladuras.

Artisan / Artist

The Tibetan Ethnic group is related to a very spiritual life, which influences a lot its ethnic crafts. Under consideration the paintings on parchments, articles of decoration –in copper, bronze, tin or iron- and imitation silver jewelry of the Tibet carved in bone, all of them inspired by religious and astrological scenes.