Artists / Craftsmen Etnikarte
Omar Hurtado
“The goldwork changed me, it shaped me and made myself what I am; as well as the process shapes, forms a material in product  and ends up being what it is; an unique piece with value and meaning. Every piece has me and I have something of every piece…”
Omar Hurtado (Colombia)
Priscila Canales
“It motivates me to think about different forms and the way of moulding them in silver. My interior voice indicates me the way. I work with the heart and when I see a finished  project I am filled with happiness and I am surprised to see my reflection in it. Knowing  that in the world there are  someone who hoards my designs is also wonderful”
Priscila Canales (México)
Olga Tarditti
“I have a relation affective passional with the earth, the forms and the colors… the result of this love is my work”
Olga Tarditti (Argentina)
Piedad Camacho
“Every person has an intention in this life. I feel that mine is to transform this incredible fibre into works of abstract art and decorative objects”
Piedad Camacho (Colombia)
Xiomara Carmona
"I have found in the TAGUA a form of art in which I transform a simple palm nut into a natural, ecological and sustainable jewel in original and beautiful complements for the woman”
Xiomara Carmona (Colombia)
In our blog:
  • Colombia: a visit full of color

    On this ocasion the roadmap marks us South America , in particular to Colombia. In this trip is my daugther Paula which accompanies me to visit our friends in the Latin American country, cradle of artists, with a very particular style and allow that our catalog has a wide variety of items.

  • Travel to the foot of Himalayas (II)
    himalaya 2

    Kullu arrival couldn't be more spectacular. Mounted on an aircraft propellers and flying over the Himalayas, the runway was waiting for us along a river and surrounded by mountains. An indescribable sensation in words and that warns us that this trip will be indelible

  • #NationalDayRomania
    huevos rumania

    If there is something that draws us in Romania is his 'melting pot' of cultures since the beginning of their times. A territory that has a base of civilization Dacia and Roman, with reinforcements of Slavic customs, Moldovan, Greek, Byzantine and, ultimately, with flashes of the Ottoman Empire.

  • Travel to the foot of Himalayas

    At Etnikarte we believe that we must 'enjoy a culture to understand it'. It’s impossible to know other forms of living if you have not been in its origin, in its day to day. 

  • Artesan boots, unique pieces

    When we think about Turkey, immediately comes to our head colorful prints and exotic and authentics clothes that conquer us. During one of our trips to Turkey we discover a handmade footwear workshop, where we didn’t know which model choose for Etnikarte, all of them so exclusive and bright.

  • The strenght of the Tuareg in your jewlery
    Clutch de fiesta

    In this post we will show you genuine precious stones and jewelry unusual in the Western Countries, they are totally unique and exclusive. This jewels are made by Tuareg race, thats why we contacted with Hamed Koumama, one of the best artisans of the Agadez, city of Níger.

  • The ethnic conquers the catwalk
    Clutch de fiesta

    Ethnic style takes several seasons sweeping among the lovers of fashion, becoming an outfit that we must always have in our closet.

  • India, a destination and an origin
    Madhubani painting

    A few days before more than 1250 million people in India celebrate the festival of light, the "Diwali" festival, I get again physical contact with the Indian subcontinent. There, the five senses come alive to me with the deployment of colors, flavors and aromas that fill every corner.

  • Art vs Crafts
    Arte vs Artesanía
    Many people see in art and craft the way to express creativity, without really knowing how to differentiate or relate to them, as the boundaries between them do not seem very clear.
  • Ethnic and Ethics
    Étnico y ético

    There is no better way to offer solidarity and humanity that contributing to sustainable development of people, respecting their traditions and showing tolerance for diversity. read more.

  • The value of Handicrafts

    In art works, many times, whatever its value, you can fall in love with a piece at first sight, whatever the price. Value is completely subjective ...